Take a second to think about how far the human race has come in evolution, we’ve built, invented consistently and created a new lifestyle from how things began. Realize that we always have to adapt to something new, weather it be something as small as starting your daily routine earlier or something big like moving to a new country or state.

Sometimes we adapt to things without the awareness of change and just get used to things the more that we do them. To adapt means to become adjusted to and accept new conditions. A part of being an adaptive creature is when new situations occur, you deal with them and allow it to help you grow rather than trying to change the situations or go against it. A lot of the times the universe puts things into our path in order for a lesson to be learned that is specifically for you, so when you try to fight what the world has to offer you are stopping yourself from growth. One way to make adjustment easier is to change your way of thinking into a more accepting and open minded process of things that come your way.

Keeping an open mind is an endless space for growth of self. Tell yourself that you are capable of adapting and be positive about the outcome no matter what the journey looks like. We have to adapt new attitudes as a species. We have to become and stay persistent to complete things in our goals even though its hard and the results may not come as fast as you would like. Remember that patience is key and that is something that you need to endlessly embody. I think that having patience also improves the ability to focus and heightens the level of persistence. Allow yourself to become someone who meditates, gives time for self and peace. These things bring you to gathering positive energy within and it will constantly fuel you into remembering you are an adaptive creature.

I’ve learned that change is inevitable in this world and weather you decide to be apart of that or not, it will still occur. Adapt to realizing that change is good and coming out of your comfort zone is vital. A lot of people are accustomed to operating a certain way and will refuse to change just because that’s what they are used to but just because you always have done things in one way doesn’t mean that you always have to do it that way. We get attached to routine and letting it define us as the type of people that we are which is unhealthy because in a sense you tie yourself down to one perception of yourself. I’ve also learned that as we grow there are so many different versions of us that emerge through the years and that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, Just like how the earth has evolved around us.

I’ve mentioned before that everything in life goes through a cycle involving something changing, being added to or being taken away. We can use this as a guideline to adapting and ourselves, If you don’t see any growth within then that must mean that something needs to be changed for the better, added for improvement or taken away for more space. Think of adaptation as you being apart of the endless movement and energy here on earth. Take control of your future and don’t hold yourself back in order to be comfortable. Remember that you have control over your life and you are the key to obtaining what ever it is that you desire.

Remember that you are apart of nature and adapting is only natural- savannah nicole